Delegation Visit at Kassel, 31 May - 1 June 2011

Two high ranking delegations from the city of Eger and the Esterházy Károly college were guests of the Competence Network for Distributed Energy Technologies (deENet e.V.) in Kassel, Germany.

To meet Mr. Habis, the major of Eger, great interest in facilitating renewable energy sources in Eger and its region the municipalities of Alheim and Wolfhagen in northern hesse were visited.

On site the visitors were kindly accompanied by Mr. Lüdtke, the major of Alheim and by Mr. Kessler, 1st alderman of Wolfhagen, to deliver insights of the very successful implementation of two different regional energy concepts containing different RES power plants and new industries.

Furthermore the representatives of the Competence Centre Hessen for Cooperation in Research and Higher Education with Central and Eastern Europe (OWWZ), and the companies MAESTRE and MUT Engineering were on board to support the visitors with their experience and knowledge.
As a result the city of Eger and the Esterházy Károly college agreed on a closer cooperation with deENet e.V. and the OWWZ to stimulate the development of a sustainable energy supply system for Eger.

Photo Gallery:

Delegation members in Alheim, center: major Lüdtke and Habis, photograph: J. Wildenburg (MUT Engineering)
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