Please find enclosed the latest information on Biotechnology - especially regarding cooperation between Germany and Russia.


  • Russian investors want to own a piece of the U.S. biotech industry.
    Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund (MBVF), the first Russian venture fund fully dedicated to investments in the life sciences sector, has officially opened its Boston office. Representatives of MBVF will be working at 420 Boylston St. along with colleagues from RVC USA Inc.
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Calls and Funding

  • Call for Papers - Workshop: Bio-Economy in Eastern Europe
    Focussing the topics biorefineries and biofuels - at the ACHEMA - BioBased World 18 June 2012
    Deadline for submission: 18 March 2012
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  • German Federal Ministry for Education and Science
    Förderung von Anbahnungsmaßnahmen in der Wissenschaftlich-Technischen Zusammenarbeit mit Russland (German only)
    Deadline for application: 30 June 2012
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  • Bekanntmachung - des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung der Förderrichtlinie "KMU-innovativ: Medizintechnik" (German only)
    Deadline for application: 15 April and 15 October
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  • 2nd St. Petersburg International Pharmacy Engineering and Biotechnology Forum
    03. - 05.04.2012 - St. Petersburg
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  • 3rd CLIB International Conference - Pushing the Bioeconomy by Science and Technology
    23. - 24.04.2012 - Düsseldorf
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  • IBC LEIPZIG - International Biomass Conference
    24. - 25.04.2012 - Leipzig
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  • Workshop: Cooperation in GreenTec with Eastern Europe - Focussing Water Treatment
    26.04.2012 - Hannover Fair
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  • Deutsche Biotechnologietage
    09. - 10.05.2012 - Frankfurt a.M.
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  • Biobased-World at the ACHEMA 2012
    18. - 22.06.2012 - Frankfurt a.M.
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  • Workshop: Bio-Economy in Eastern Europe - Focussing: Biorefineries & Biofuels
    18.06.2012 - ACHEMA, Frankfurt a.M.
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  • Summer School: Integrative Biological Pathway Analysis and Simulation
    18. - 21.06.2012 - Bielefeld
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  • 8th International Conference on the Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\Systems Biology (BGRS\SB-2012)
    25. - 29.06.2012 - Novosibirsk
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Further information concerning the German-Russian Co-operation Network Biotechnology as well as Russian co-operation proposals: