natural and technical sciences

General engineering

Association of German Engineers

VDI/VDE Society for Measurement and Automation Technology

German Society for Material Science eV

German Society for Non-Destructive Testing eV

Working group of university teachers for measurement technology eV

Society for Quality Science e. V


Architecture, urban development and regional planning

Association of German Architects and Engineering Associations

Association of German Architects BDA

Academy for Spatial Research and Regional Planning


Civil Engineering

Faculty Day for Civil Engineering and Surveying (FTBV)

German Transport Science Society registered association


mining and metallurgy

Metallurgical Association of the German Glass Industry (HVG)

Economic Association Steel


Biology, Biological Chemistry and Biophysics

German Botanical Society registered association

German Society for Biophysics

German Society for Endocrinology eV 

German Society for Human Genetics eV

German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology eV

German Society for Immunogenetics eV

German Society for Immunology eV

German Society for Parasitology eV

German Society for Proteome Research eV

German Society for Cell Biology

German Phytomedical Society eV

German Zoological Society registered association

Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology e. V

Society for Developmental Biology eV

Society for Genetics eV

Society for Plant Breeding eV

Society for Virology eV

Association for General and Applied Microbiology eV

Association of German biologists and bioscientific societies (vdbiol) eV 

Association of Life Science and Biomedical Societies



Society of German Chemists registered association

German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

Society for chemical engineering and biotechnology eV


Electrical engineering

Technical-scientific association of electrical engineering electronics information technology eV

German faculty day for electrical engineering


Forest and Wood Science

German Society for Wood Research eV

German Association of Forest Research Institutes


hydrology and water management

German Association of Gas and Water Specialists

German Association for Water Management and Cultural Building eV

Sewage – Waste – Water Protection (ATV)

German Society for Limnology


computer science

Society for Informatics eV”


agriculture and horticulture

German Soil Science Society

German Society for Fat Science eV

Society for Plant Breeding e. V. (GPZ)

Society for Crop Sciences

Max-Eyth-Gesellschaft Agrartechnik in the VDI

German Society for Dairy Science


mechanical engineering

Scientific society for production technology

German Aerospace Society – Lilienthal-Oberth eV

Shipbuilding Society (STG)

Society for Ergonomics e. V



German Association of Mathematicians DMV

German Statistical Society

Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM)



German Physical Society e. V. (DPG)

Astronomical Society

Astronomical institutes in German-speaking countries


Solid Earth Sciences

German Scientific Society for Oil, Natural Gas and Coal eV 

German Association for Surveying eV

German Mineralogical Society registered association

German Geological Society registered association

Palaeontological Society

German Society for Crystallography

German Geophysical Society (DGG)