Here you will find forms, documents and calculation aids for submitting applications, drawing up contracts and managing projects with partners in Central and Eastern Europe.



    • Definition of the European Commission for SMEs from 01/01/2005.  [de] [en]
    • Rules to ensure a consistent verification of the existence and legal status as well as the operational and financial capacity of participants in indirect actions of FP7 [de]  [en]
    • BMBF: Guidelines for submitting applications in the 7th EU Research Framework Program [de]
    • Electronic Proposal Submission Service ( EPSS) Preparation and Submission Guide
    • The application in the 7th FP [de]
    • Updated guidance for audit and certification in FP7
    • European Research Council Guide for Applicants
    • Practical Guide to EU Funding
    • Guide for Russian Research Leaders [ru]
    • Handbook for Russian and European Researchers and Research Leaders
    • Overview of daily rates for reimbursement of travel  expenses 
    • Tool for calculating hourly rates for SME owners and natural persons in FP7
    • Guide to funding indirect actions of the
      7th Framework Program
    • Participation in FP7 calls – practical tips in Russian [ru]


drafting of contracts

  • Guide to Contract Negotiations (Vers. Jan. 2009) [en]
  • Consortium agreement (EU)
    – Checklist for consortium    agreements [en] – Sample preliminary agreement – Letter of Intent   [de] [en] DESCA [en]
  • Model contract EG coordinator   [de]  [en] 
  • IOF Model Employment Contracts Marie Curie Fellows   [de]

project management

  • FP7 Reporting   Guide
  • Guide to Dissemination of Project   Results
  • Guidelines for handling existing know-how [de]
  • Intellectual Property  Rules
  • IATE database (InterActiveTerminology for Europe): Access to all EU-related terminology in the 23 official languages ​​of the EU
  • Ethics for Researchers
  • List of EU officers at universities in Germany [de]

university ranking


  • euro pass – Framework concept of the European Commission to promote the transparency of qualifications and competences [de] [en]