Individual research: strategies and paths

For your individual search for cooperation partners in Germany, we would like to recommend the following search strategies:


I. Research by subject

  1. Enter the area you are looking for in MetaGer (search engine via German-language search engines)

  2. Research professional societies in the overview

  3. Research ” projects ” funded by the German Research Foundation in the overview.

  4. Use the offer of the idw – information service science

  5. For searching within the University of Kassel, we recommend the online research report

  6. Find an author as a potential partner using the professional search function in the book catalogue


II. Search for partners

  1. You have the reference to a university institute and a person.
    To find out what the university has to offer on the internet, we recommend the university compass

  2. You have the reference to a research area and a person.
    Research the overview of professional societies

  3. You have a reference to an institute, a company or similar and a person.
    Search with MetaGer (search engine via German language search engines)

  4. You only have the reference to one person.
    Use teleinformation

If you don’t get your result this way, contact us , we’ll be happy to help you with your research.